Create a more neuroinclusive workplace

Informative and engaging training to increase awareness and understanding of neurodiversity across your organisation.

Neurodiversity awareness training

Everyone deserves to feel seen, understood, and supported at work. But the truth is that workplaces often aren’t built to suit all employees. It’s estimated that around 15-20% of the global population will have some form of neurodiversity. So whether you’re aware of it or not, the chances are you’ll have a number of employees facing invisible challenges every single day.

Wouldn’t you reach greater heights if you upskilled your workforce through our Neurodiversity awareness training? By educating your employees on what neurodiversity is, the challenges it presents at work, and how to be better allies for colleagues with additional requirements, you set the foundation for everyone to thrive. Leaders will feel more empowered to support their staff, teams will collaborate better, and neurodiverse staff will feel more confident and loyal to your business.

Why not move towards a more inclusive work environment today?

Neurodiversity awareness training with NATTC

Neurodiversity awareness trainingWe offer a range of training services that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation, staff, and your current awareness of neurodiversity. All training is designed to build a greater sense of understanding across your business and will be delivered by expert, leading coaches in the neurodiversity space.
Neurodiversity awareness training

An introduction to neurodiversity

These 1-hour presentations will build a general awareness of neurodiversity across your organisation, exploring what it is, the challenges it presents, and why it matters in the context of work.

Designed for HR, EDI, and recruitment professionals - as well as line managers and colleagues who want to contribute to a more supportive, empowering workplace - this is a great place to start on your journey.

Neurodiversity awareness training

Half-day team neurodiversity awareness training

For a deeper dive into neurodiversity in the workplace, we host half-day training sessions for small groups. These are interactive, include group exercises, and will be personalised to your organisation.


Neurodiversity awareness training

Full-day ‘supporting and understanding neurodiversity in the workplace’ course

Offering a more comprehensive Neurodiversity awareness training experience, this course includes the same topics as our half-day session, as well as diving deeper into what true inclusivity looks like.


Support on your terms

Embracing neurodiversity will look different to every organisation. So we’ll work closely with you to create a training package that has the greatest impact on your staff wellbeing and organisational performance.

All of our training is delivered virtually, using a combination of presentations, group discussions, and workshop activities. Handouts will also be provided to support staff as they begin to implement the lessons they’ve learned.

To allow every attendee to get the most out of the training, we limit each course to 15 people. We can work with you to create a schedule of training that suits your requirements, finances, and time commitment.Neurodiversity awareness training

Relevant resources

Traits seen in Neurodiverse People (pdf)

Reasonable adjustments (pdf)

Are you ready?

Neurodiversity awareness trainingTo get started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive, empowering organisation, contact us at or +44 117 319 0410. We’d love to hear more about your organisation, staff, and how we can help everyone reach their goals.

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