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Discover how to support and empower your staff with neurodivergent or disability conditions and become a stronger, more productive organisation in the process. Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
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About NATTCNeurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

To be the best business you can be, you need all of your employees to feel uplifted and valued at work.Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
 Investing in your organisation’s inclusivity brings so many benefits. Staff retention, productivity, collaboration, recruitment, and profits could all improve. But only if you take the time to fully understand and accommodate the individual needs of your workforce. Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training For someone to reach their full potential, you need a workplace that’s suited to their unique needs and challenges. Yet a lot of the processes to secure additional support can be complex and only add extra stress and anxiety to their plate.   We’re here to change that. Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

At NATTC, we’re passionate about empowering organisations to reimagine how they support neurodiverse or physically disabled staff.

By working with private and public sector employers of all sizes, we provide you with a complete, end-to-end service. Whether it’s conducting workplace needs assessments, guiding you through the Access to Work process, or raising awareness through coaching, we show you how you can operate at your very best.

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

How can we help?

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Neurodiversity and disability is a rich spectrum. Everyone is an individual who navigates their condition in the best way for them, and what works for one person may not work for another. That’s the challenge many business owners, line managers, and HR professionals face. You may know the struggle all too well; you want to do more for your team but aren’t sure where to start.Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Or perhaps you are the person with the condition, overcoming complexities that your colleagues don’t understand. Maybe you aren’t sure what support is even out there to help improve your working life. You aren’t confident what your workplace needs actually are and how to accurately fill out the assessment forms to unlock the necessary funding.Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

No matter where you currently are on the journey, if you’re an employee or an employer, we’re here to take the stress and guesswork out of the process. Our expert team can assist you from start to finish. Every individual’s unique requirements and goals are front and centre. And from initial assessment through to implementation and coaching, you’ll only ever need us as your one point of contact.Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Our services

Workplace needs assessmentsNeurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Better understand what’s needed for your team to fully thrive and excel at work.

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Access to Work support worker

Unlock additional funding for a support worker to help manage your condition.

Access to Work case manager

Remove all the stress and anxiety with an expert case manager by your side.

Assistive technology

A complete solution for sourcing and installing assistive technologies to help your staff thrive.

Technology training

Ensure every employee has the skills and confidence to excel at work.

Workplace coaching

Develop effective coping strategies for navigating the challenges you face at work.

Neurodiversity awarenessNeurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Become a more empathetic, uplifting organisation by educating your entire workforce.

Coaching for managers

Support your managers by giving them the necessary awareness and skills.

A focus on holistic wellbeing

Nearly all of our team and coaches are neurodiverse or have a disability themselves. We know what it’s like to face additional obstacles at work and just how mentally draining finding a resolution can be.

Because of this, we focus on the holistic wellbeing of you and your staff. It’s not just about finding a piece of technology to speed up their daily workload and it’s finding long-term solutions and habits that allow them to feel happier and more fulfilled at work. It’s about removing all of the barriers that hold them back from being their best on a daily basis.

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training

Instead of pre-made videos or jargon-filled handbooks, we provide in-depth and ongoing person-to-person support. We’re proud to be your partner in your pursuit to do more for your staff.

Are you ready?

To get started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive, empowering organisation, contact us at or +44 117 319 0410. We’d love to hear more about your organisation, staff, and how we can help everyone reach their goals.

Neurodiversity Assessment Tech Training
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