Workplace needs assessments done right

Take a holistic approach to workplace needs assessments to better understand and support your staff’s conditions and requirements at work.Workplace needs assessment

Workplace needs assessment

Many people with neurodivergent and disability conditions know how challenging the world of work can be. These concerns are only amplified when it feels as though their employer doesn’t fully understand how to support them.

As that employer, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone has the capacity to thrive at work. And this is exactly why workplace needs assessments are so vital. They’re a tool to identify the unique barriers that prevent neurodivergent or physically disabled individuals from performing their job optimally. The assessment focuses on their specific role, needs, strengths, and challenges, all with the end goal of optimising their work environment to improve their performance and experience.

But, in practice, workplace needs assessments can be difficult. They can also take time and resources you might not have to spare. The stakes are even higher if the assessment will later be used to unlock grants through the Access to Work scheme.

Luckily, we’re here to take all the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty out of the process. 

How it works Workplace needs assessment

Employee questionnaire

We start with a comprehensive employee questionnaire to build a full understanding of their role, responsibilities, challenges, and current experience at work.

Workplace needs assessment

Employer questionnaire

Next, we undergo a similar process with the employee’s manager. This allows us to understand the case from a different perspective and identify any strengths or areas of improvement.

Workplace needs assessment

Drawing on our expert understanding of neurodiversity and all other disabilities that sit under the Equality Act 2010, we complete a thorough assessment and identify reasonable adjustments that are tailored to the individual’s specific needs. This might involve solutions such as noise reduction, flexible working hours, assistive technology, or workplace coaching.

Workplace needs assessment

Regular reviews and monitoring

From here, it’s important to monitor the effectiveness of the adjustments we’ve suggested, making any tweaks or changes that might be necessary. We also suggest reviewing these assessments regularly to ensure employee needs are met on an ongoing basis.

A world where everybody wins

Workplace needs assessments are about truly understanding people’s needs and how you – as an employer – can best support their conditions. It’s a chance to discover where you’re already doing well to support your staff and where there are opportunities to improve even further.

When they’re done right, everybody wins. Staff can perform their job more effectively and significantly improve their workplace satisfaction and mental health. And this inevitably has a knock-on effect on your organisation, too. If you empower all your staff, that can lead to a rise in productivity and staff retention over time. Not to mention you ensure you’re in line with the Equality Act 2010 and are delivering above and beyond the reasonable adjustments expected of you

By taking in the full picture of your approach, we can situate our assessments within the wider context of your inclusivity journey. It feeds into our expertise in assistive technology, workplace coaching, and mental health, meaning you always have a next step you can take. Get it right the first time and eliminate as much of the stress and complexity from the process as you can.

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Are you ready?Workplace needs assessment

To get started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive, empowering organisation, contact us at or +44 117 319 0410. We’d love to hear more about your organisation, staff, and how we can help everyone reach their goals.

Workplace needs assessment
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