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ATW Support worker assistance Securing funding for a support worker can be life-changing for people navigating neurodiversity or long-term health conditions in the workplace. Finding someone to help with your communication, organisation, or time management can relieve so much of the pressure you feel on a daily basis. But getting to this point isn’t without its challenges. We see many individuals struggle with the Support Worker Record of Tasks. Often, you’re given the form with no explanation of how to fill it in correctly. And if you don’t explicitly know what you need or where your challenges lie, it can be daunting figuring out where to start. We’re here to help, providing a thorough assessment service for ATW Support worker assistance to help you complete the form and ensure a successful application the first time around.
ATW Support worker assistance

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To access funding for ATW Support worker assistance, there’s no way to avoid completing the Support Worker Record of Tasks. It’s part of the Access to Work process and outlines the tasks you can do, as well as those you’re unable to do. Your answers will determine the level of support you’re eligible to receive. We work closely with you to complete the form thoroughly and accurately, ensuring you receive the maximum support in a timely manner. We understand that it can be overwhelming. In our experience, a lot of the questions look like they’re trying to catch you out. But our assessors will be with you every step of the way. It’s something we’ve done countless times in the past, and we know what a successful application should look like. Filling out the form wrong could lead to delays in receiving the support you need. And this will only add to the stress you’re already feeling at work. So let’s ensure you get it right the first time and have you back to functioning at your best. ATW Support worker assistance

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ATW Support worker assistance
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