Hit the ground running with new assistive technologies

Expert training to enable your employees to quickly and seamlessly transition over to their assistive technologies.

Your employees completed a workplace needs assessment or Access to Work application and have since received funding for assistive technologies to help them optimise their daily output. That’s great news. But what’s the next step?

Often, you’ll be given the technology by a vendor, shown an instructional video (if that), and left to your own devices. But this will rarely be informative enough to leave your staff feeling confident and capable with their new solutions. It doesn’t account for an individual’s learning style or how their neurodiversity could impact their ability to pick up new tools quickly.

That’s why we provide in-depth training packages to ensure every employee not only knows how to use their new tools, but how to do so in a way that works wonders for them and their specific role. It allows them to thrive in their position and deliver even greater results for your organisation.

Getting the most out of Assistive technology

Technology itself isn’t the solution to greater productivity or a happier employee. It’s ensuring that employees are able to use their tools confidently and effectively that will make the difference.

Our training is guided by the individual needs of each employee. If we’ve already completed their workplace needs assessment, we’ll have all the information we need and can design a training plan to ensure their personal and professional requirements are met. If the assessment was completed elsewhere, we can schedule in time at the beginning of the training to speak to the individual, understand their role and goals, and what they need to get out of the software.

With each piece of technology having a wealth of options, it’s helpful to narrow down on the finer details they’ll actually benefit from. Our training will cover the aspects most relevant to them, reducing the chances of wasting time on something that doesn’t serve the user.

Personalised support

With our qualified team by your side, you’ll have access to a range of Assistive Technology training methods, allowing us to find one that matches each employee’s unique learning style and pace.The number of sessions required will depend on the number of solutions you’re introducing, but will usually range between 1-3 sessions. These can be completed in-person in the workplace, or remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Assistive tech

Our staff also have vast experience in various fields, including the public sector, MOD, police, health, education, social services, criminal justice, prisons, the veterinary industry, and financial services. So we’re able to uniquely tailor the training to optimise the tasks staff are likely to be completing on a daily basis.

Our vendor partners

Relevant resources

Assistive Technology to help Neurodiverse People at Work (pdf)

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Pre-Training Checklist (pdf)

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Are you ready?

To get started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive, empowering organisation, contact us at info@n-attc.co.uk or +44 117 319 0410. We’d love to hear more about your organisation, staff, and how we can help everyone reach their goals.

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