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A complete service for the supply, installation, and maintenance of assistive technology to enable your staff to achieve more.Assistive Technology Supply

Assistive Technology Supply
Your organisation is no stranger to using technology to simplify and streamline daily operations. Data admin, communication, accounting – this is just the tip of the iceberg for how you might currently be harnessing technology to improve efficiency and productivity. However, it’s less common to see employers invest in assistive technology designed to simplify daily responsibilities for employees with neurodiversity or other long-term health conditions. But what if we told you that investing in this kind of tech could be the solution to becoming a more inclusive, productive, and ultimately successful organisation? Assistive Technology Supply

From answers to solutions Assistive Technology Supply

Assistive Technology SupplyAfter completing a workplace needs assessment or Access to Work application, neurodiverse staff will have recommendations about technology that will help them overcome the daily challenges they face at work. Having answers like this can be a welcomed relief. But what comes next?

Often, they’ll have a list of what they need but no guidance on where to get it, how to set it up, or how to use it. HR, IT, and line managers can help to some extent, but they’re not experts in the technology. And it can end up slowing down the process and adding extra stress to everyone involved.

Assistive Technology Supply

Assistive Technology Supply Drawing on almost 50 years of IT experience and vast knowledge of assistive technology, we help turn these hypothetical answers into practical solutions. Offering a complete service, we work with you and your staff to supply, install, and maintain the technology that will boost their productivity and improve their job satisfaction and wider wellbeing. Not only that, it can be used by all members of your team, increasing the value of your investment. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Assistive Technology Supply

End-to-end support

Assistive Technology Supply


Assistive Technology SupplyArmed with the recommendations from workplace needs assessments or Access to Work applications, we source the necessary tools and technologies on your behalf. We are a tier 1 partner to a large majority of assistive technology vendors, as well as sole suppliers for certain solutions.

Assistive Technology Supply


Assistive Technology SupplyNext, we work closely with your IT team to ensure all the new technology is set up correctly and ready for the employee. So often, we find that the assistive technology is set up incorrectly, and this only leads to more uncertainty, wasted time, and additional resource costs. We want everything ready to go by the point we introduce the employee to their new solutions.

Assistive Technology Supply

MaintenanceAssistive Technology Supply

Assistive Technology SupplyTo ensure your employees continue to get the most out of their assistive technology, we can provide ongoing support contracts for both the employees themselves or your IT team. You never know when it’s needed.   Whatever the issue, our technical experts are only ever a phone call away!

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Assistive Technology SupplyTo get started on your journey to becoming a more inclusive, empowering organisation, contact us at or +44 117 319 0410. We’d love to hear more about your organisation, staff, and how we can help everyone reach their goals.

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