Cancellation policy  

Cancellation policy for service delivery – for example, workplace needs assessments or coaching. 

We require all clients to provide at least 48 hours’ notice when cancelling or rebooking an appointment. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged for the full session using the payment method provided at booking. 

Exceptions to this policy may include: 

  • Terms that are different to these contained in a separate service level agreement or contract. 

  • We will provide the opportunity to re-book under extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the client on one occasion. We always aim to be understanding of the pressures on a client. Further re-booking most be agreed by you and us in writing  

  • If a client persistently cancels or fails to attend, we will increase the notice period for alterations to 5 working days. 

We make every effort to avoid re-scheduling and will only do so under extenuating circumstances. In the event of a cancellation of delivery from us we will endeavour to provide 48 hours’ notice and will offer an alternative date within seven days. 

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