Dragon eLearning course

This step-by-step online course is a complete guide to using Dragon Professional Individual. It has been accepted by Student Finance England and is on the list of approved products for the DSA.

It was created by Neil Sleight, a certified Dragon trainer with almost 29 years of experience in Assistive Technology training.

The course currently comprises 65 modules, each about 3 minutes long and totalling over 2½ hours of material! This probably covers the same material included in two or three half-day face-to-face training and is always available for reference.


Topics covered include…

1. Installation and how to configure Dragon

2. Dictating text and three key voice commands

3. Customising the Dragon Vocabulary 

4. Working hands-free in Microsoft Word

5. Microsoft Outlook

6. Google Chrome

7. Excel

8. Windows File Explorer

9. Proofreading

10. Creating simple custom commands

11. Backing up Dragon

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